From coast to coast, there are people who prefer to seek connection in their communities, not their computers. Hundreds of towns. Thousands of neighborhoods. Millions of individuals. All sharing the one kindred spirit that transcends purchase patterns, data points and myriad clichés: The Rural Spirit.


Not Just Down On The Farm

While remaining front and center in our nation’s farm communities and small towns, Rural Spirit also exists wherever people use their hands to do more than drive to the office. At O+B, we exist to help our clients and these individuals encounter each other in ways that benefit everyone involved – using equal parts creativity, authenticity and rural intelligence.

Agronomy Week

All Work & No Play Is No Good

Just because a hard day’s work remains the price of admission to Rural America doesn’t mean the entire world revolves around yields and fields. Which is why O+B’s range of client solutions includes everything from combining pop culture with agriculture to create one of the seed industry’s biggest events to inventing the world’s first week-long celebration of agronomy. 

Farmers of Tomorrow

Generation Z’s Future in Agriculture

How do the children of today’s farmers view their role in agriculture’s future? How do their perceptions of brand and industry compare to those of their parents and grandparents? The answers to these questions may shape the future of farming in unexpected ways.

If you’re curious about what tapping into America’s Rural Spirit could mean for either your sales or marketing objectives, please call O+B’s John Meyer at 314.726.5511. Or drop him a line at